I'm a multimedia-design student with a passion for designing and creating content that is valuable and useful for the modern businesses of today...
But that does not say a whole lot about me as a person am i right?
Have a look further down this page and get to know me a bit better.

Want to work with me? Here is what you can expect

If you are looking for a multimedia designer with a strong graphical and visual profile and a can-do attitude, I am the right choice for your company. I have a strong sense of trends and can work and create within multiple different aspects of digital design and content creation. One of my strongest suits is my curiosity and profound interest in digital design which gives me an open minded approach to new tasks and challenges. Since the beginning of 2021 I have worked part time at a small design consulting firm called /et al. This has improved my ability to work within teams developing digital products and designs for small and medium sized clients.

What I am looking for

I am still in the early stages of becoming some sort of digital designer. What type of design I want to work with is not crystal clear to me. Yet. This means that I am looking for an internship in a company where it is possible to try out the different aspects of multimedia design. I also look for an internship where I get to learn from industry experts and at the same time get responsibility of my own to handle tasks and complete projects. Other than that I look for a constructive, creative work environment.